Audio/Visual Jobs in the United States

audio video jobs for av techniciansOne of the most intriguing jobs for the tech savvy may very well be an audio and video technician. AV Techs, as they are frequently called, are responsible for the maintenance and operation of all the equipment used to amplify, record, and display audio and visual effects at live events. This includes, but is not limited to, projectors, video recording devices, spotlights, lighting and mixing equipment.

In essence, AV technicians are those people behind the scenes who make every concert, meeting, and sporting event a visual and auditory experience to remember. There is also great demand for these professionals in the private, corporate, and government sectors. It is the AV technicians who provide technical support for webinars, teleconferences, and distance-learning classes.

After the collection of audio and visual data, technicians may then have the responsibility of storing the information, editing it, tracking equipment and ordering it. Though this job has many mechanical and scientific components, AV technicians can enter the field with a high school diploma, GED, or an associates degree, provided they have experience in the field.

After employment with a company, some technicians will be required to further their education. The odds of getting the position desired will increase with the achievement of a bachelor’s degree in either broadcasting, journalism, communications, or a similar field. Alternately, completing the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification which is offered through InfoComm International is a way to increase the chances of employment.

AV Technicians must have all of the knowledge and skills required to transport, maintain, and repair all of the necessary equipment to do their job. A certain knowledge of lighting techniques and the ability to use editing software are vital to success in this career field.

The job may be behind the scenes, but AV tech’s still need to have good communication skills to converse with clients and coworkers. They must be organized as there are a lot of abrupt deadlines in this line of work. In addition to the software specific to their job, they must be familiar with word processing software and functions. Good hearing and eyesight are important, since they are the eyes and ears of the production. A good sense of the line between just enough and too much is a great ability to have, but can not be easily taught. Often AV technicians must sit and/or stand for long periods of time.

The expected level of job growth is estimated to be steady through at least 2022.The more advanced the abilities a person has to repair equipment, the greater the odds that they will be a prime candidate for the position they want. A large percentage of AV technicians are employed through public relations firms, speaker’s bureau’s, government agencies, corporations, and academic institutions.

As they move into higher positions, the technician will gain more responsibility for the outcome, and may need to discuss assignments with clients, turn ideas into storyboards, diagnose media issues, and oversee the installation efforts of all the technicians they oversee.