HVAC Terminology for HVAC Technician Jobs

HVAC Terminology for HVAC Technician JobsHVAC technicians have an important job and must balance a variety of factors before beginning an installation project. They have to look at installation cost, efficiency, and maintenance and compare that to the needs of a client and how different installation type will provide comfort. Whether the HVAC unit will go in a home, office building, or a controlled test laboratory all impact the needs of the clients and what systems are suitable.

In this field, there are many acronyms and specialized terms which every HVAC technician must be familiar with. The level of complexity is one of the reasons why special education is needed before someone becomes an HVAC technician.

A variable-speed motor, for example will change its speed to adapt itself to the need of the installation location. Because it runs at a lower speed most of the time, these units are quieter than other models. It circulates air constantly which removes humidity as well as eliminates the all to well known start up sound.
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Cabling Job Terminology – CATV, Cat, and ISP/OSP

cat 6 cableAfter a basic review of what a cabling job requires on a professional level, the question still remains… What is specific knowledge that is needed in this career field? Many terms such as, CATV, Cat, and ISP/OSP are standard in the industry, but what do they mean and how are they applied to this field?

CATV is simply an abbreviation for cable television. All cable operators now use digital instead of analog to transmit their signals. The RF (radio frequency) signals are transmitted through coaxial cables. An alternate method, where light is transmitted through fiber optic cables is sometimes used. FM radio, high-speed internet, phone service and other technology may also use digital signals to transmit information.

When the terms Cat3, Cat5, Cat 6, and Cat6 are used. It is in reference to the category of cable being used. All three of these are cables in four color coded pairs. One pair is orange, one is green, one is blue, and one is brown. This color coding enables the cables to be consistent at both ends which is a requirement for systems to function properly. The “3,” “5,” and “6” associated with each category are the numbers of twists within each pair of cables. The more twists, the higher the quality of data transmission.
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Data Center Jobs for Data Center Technicians

Data Center Jobs for Data Center TechniciansThose who work for a data center, or datacenter, work behind the scenes of a corporation to compile, store, manage, and disseminate data to others within the organization. The data center is closely related to, and sometimes synonymous with, the network operations center. They provide 24/7 monitoring of server activity, web traffic, and network performance. In essence, everything from monitoring an employees Facebook time while at work to compiling the volcanic activity of a metropolitan area is all under the umbrella of the work done by those in the data center.

This job requires a huge amount of data collection and the ability to sift through the information to distinguish what is relevant and what is not. For this reason a degree in Internet Technology (IT), computer science, or a similar related field is required. Depending on the position an associate’s degree may suffice, but a bachelor’s degree or higher is recommended to open up more doors for employment.
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Security Jobs – CCTV, Burglar Alarm Technicians

cctv technician jobsThere are a plethora of jobs in the security industry, corporate, government, military, and private sector. This is not referring to jobs as an overnight security guard, but instead, to the realm of digital surveillance. Jobs in this field may range from CCTV camera monitoring to the interception and analysis of phone calls, emails, and/or text messages.

Security, in this method, is used to gather intel, protect people and/or property, and to prevent crime. Despite the images circulating in most people’s heads about these being methods used by covert government agencies, they have real potential in the day to day functions of business. Corporations which deal in product development will often have members of security whose primary function is to keep unpatented projects from leaking out to competitors.
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What is an Electrician and what do they do?

what does an electrician do?An electrician is a specialist who understands the wiring of building, machines and equipment. Since the field extends to so many different areas, the job of an electrician may be varied, or they can choose a specialty which would make the work less varied. Electricians may work in the private, corporate, government, or military sectors depending upon their specialization.

Electricians are trained in three levels. The first of these is the Apprentice level. This is where an electrician works under a Master electrician, or in some cases a Journeyman, to learn the ins-and-outs of the field. All of their work is supervised and they will take classroom instruction in addition to their field training. The apprentice position will generally last three to six years.
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Audio/Visual Jobs in the United States

audio video jobs for av techniciansOne of the most intriguing jobs for the tech savvy may very well be an audio and video technician. AV Techs, as they are frequently called, are responsible for the maintenance and operation of all the equipment used to amplify, record, and display audio and visual effects at live events. This includes, but is not limited to, projectors, video recording devices, spotlights, lighting and mixing equipment.

In essence, AV technicians are those people behind the scenes who make every concert, meeting, and sporting event a visual and auditory experience to remember. There is also great demand for these professionals in the private, corporate, and government sectors. It is the AV technicians who provide technical support for webinars, teleconferences, and distance-learning classes.
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Cable Installations Careers and Cabling Jobs

cabling jobs in the united statesEverything in our world requires power. It requires thousands of wires to link standard phone lines, TV, satellite, even wireless technology must be connected at some point along the process. The work of a cable installer is 99% on location. Typically, they will drive to a location to install and/or repair all the cables necessary for the world to communicate. The truck or van they drive to the location is equipped with all of the wires and tools necessary for the cable installer to do their cabling job.

Much of the job of a cable installer happens in attics, crawl spaces, and in basements. There is an expectation that wires not be seen, so repairs may require the installer to squeeze into tight, cramped spaces. The calls can be in everything from skyrises, apartments, houses, small business, and everything in between.
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HVAC Technicians

hvac jobs in the United StatesThe term HVAC is familiar to most people around the world, many even know that it stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. The field of an HVAC technician is one that is definitely in demand, especially as the changes in global temperature continue to persuade people to use their heating and air conditioning units more than ever before.

An HVAC technician is responsible for installing, maintaining, servicing and repairing HVAC units, including refrigeration systems. An HVAC technician can choose to have a specialty, such as installation or repair, or may opt to be familiar with all of the aspects of the field. The job will require a familiarity with the layout, design, and installation process for low voltage wiring, the ability to provide quality customer service, and the ability to collaborate with the sales and engineering departments.
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