Data Center Jobs for Data Center Technicians

Data Center Jobs for Data Center TechniciansThose who work for a data center, or datacenter, work behind the scenes of a corporation to compile, store, manage, and disseminate data to others within the organization. The data center is closely related to, and sometimes synonymous with, the network operations center. They provide 24/7 monitoring of server activity, web traffic, and network performance. In essence, everything from monitoring an employees Facebook time while at work to compiling the volcanic activity of a metropolitan area is all under the umbrella of the work done by those in the data center.

This job requires a huge amount of data collection and the ability to sift through the information to distinguish what is relevant and what is not. For this reason a degree in Internet Technology (IT), computer science, or a similar related field is required. Depending on the position an associate’s degree may suffice, but a bachelor’s degree or higher is recommended to open up more doors for employment.

There is the potential to move up to management in this field. Their duties then become to oversee inventory, manage employees, provide customer service, and to gain additional training in specific fields related to the specifics of the business in which they are involved. There is not a standardized education for those who want to become managers, but this is one of those times when having a bachelor’s degree comes in handy. Employer’s also look to promote those who have previous management experience, even if it is management experience in an unrelated field. Some employer’s will look to promote, or hire, a candidate with experience in hard-writing code, computing and networking software, and a familiarity with HVAC systems or other experience related to the physical infrastructure of computer systems.

There are also some hands on requirements for a job such as this. If a customer requires an upgrade to their equipment, cables replaced, or the replacement of components or accessories, these will all be handled by the data center professionals. These tasks are sometimes reserved for management, depending on the organization and the delicacy of the information a client has. For this same reason, background checks are a standard requirement for anyone wanting to enter this field.

All organization have some sort of data center, be it a file room, broom closet, or a high-tech state-of-the-art system of connected servers. While many organization have a data center that is specific to their company, some of the largest organizations have a private company which handles their data collection. This is especially seen in companies whose primary focus is not IT, such as pharmaceutical companies and certain government entities.

Since the pressure is on for companies, both large and small, to become tied into the high-tech world, the demand for those in this career is not expected to wane anytime soon. In fact, it is expected to grow by at least 15% over the next decade. As technology changes, becoming more advanced, staying current on the latest developments is vital to success in a career working within a data center. This means that even those who have a bachelor’s degree should expect some weekend or night time college classes in their future.