How to get into a CCTV Career

cctv-contractors-300x134Something that few people tell you when it comes to choosing a career is how to get into that field. They tell you to go to college, but what about those people who want the tradesman route? It isn’t possible to knock on the door of every company in your field. So, what do you do?

An apprenticeship is achievable, but there can be competition for certain companies. Knowing someone inside the company can open many doors. Establishing contacts, even if it is just an exchange of business cards, will prove infinitely valuable. It is a lot easier to get your foot in the door if your uncle, brother, buddy, or someone you play sports with has a good standing.

In order to make these contacts, you have to network. Luckily, the younger generation tends to take to this naturally. While social media has been a great tool, it can’t replace knowing someone face-to-face. Going to job fairs, events, fundraiser, etc…. where the company will be, gives the employer a chance to see you. When it comes time to choose an applicant, most companies will go with someone they have met before. Making a solid impression is just as important as any resume.

The face-to-face interaction gives a potential employee the chance to ask questions. One of the biggest mistakes a person makes in life is to venture into a career field without knowing what that job really entails. CCTV contractors spend a lot of time diagramming, calculating, following wires, and doing detailed inspections. Being at events is a great way to ask the questions that only someone who works in the field will know.

Joining groups on Facebook and joining in the discussions allows you to find out the mindset of other CCTV installers. When it comes to cameras for example. Some installers are partial to one brand or another. You can figure out why some like one and form your own opinions.

This same analogy works for the industry secrets of DVR’s, IR cameras, Wireless solutions and more. No matter how many classes you take or how many questions you ask, the only way to know for sure if you are in the right career is to work it. But, following through with questions and research will definitely point you in the right direction.

Once the internship is achieved… learn, learn, learn. Many apprentices go on to work for the company that trained them. If that is not the path of your career takes, having training that goes above and beyond what is required will make you an amazing candidate. The more you learn while on the job the better prepared you will be for any CCTV job that can arise.

No matter what, always leave an apprenticeship or job on resolved terms. Many people think that employers don’t contact previous employers, If you have five outstanding reviews and one bad, it may not keep you from getting hired. If all you have is an apprenticeship and you left on bad terms, it will be much harder to be employed in your field.