Cabling Resume – Technician


BAS – Troy State University (TSU) – (Senior Status)

Emphasis: Resource Management – Telecommunications & Networking
AA – Okaloosa-Walton Community College

Emphasis: Custom Designed – Pre-Engineering/Computer Resources & Networking Other – Electronics Technology/PC Support – Minnesota School of Business, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Specialized Training / Experience;

Military air defense systems (electronic, electrical/mechanical)

Telecommunications and Client-Server Networking Architectures [OSI and IEEE standards with related transmissions and protocols – PSTN, RAID, broadband, ATM, Ethernet, cabling, twisted pair/UTP/STP, plenum grade cabling, digital and analog, TCP/IP, DNS, LAN/WAN, telephony hardware/software, cabling products]
Windows 9x, NT, 2000 – [Windows 9x and 2000 using MS Windows Explorer for file management; printer management; applications management, and system utilities [FTP, VPN] such as event viewer; accessories (calculator, paint, WordPad); communications [network and dialup configurations]; system tools [disk cleanup/defrag]; security permission settings. Software applications to include MS Office suite [Word and Excel].
Cisco and 3Com – hubs, switches, routers (SOHO SDSL and data service), IVR, telephony, broadband service.
Network Systems (client/server) – Microsoft & Novel; standard network architectures and protocols. HFC distribution

Cellular Communications – Wireless support, design, and service.

Soldering – Microcomputer chips and assorted electronic hardware (mil-std2000).

Mechanics – Mechanical repair and maintenance; electrical and electronics.

Sales and Customer Support Experience

Scuba and Water Safety – Diving Certification, Avid Surfer, Sailor, Boater, Swimmer

CPR – Cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification

Other Miscellaneous

Specialized Training — Wang Computer Corporation specialized training programs (by invitation only) – service/support.
NCTI Broadband courses—Installer, service technician, system technician, fiber technician, and customer service. WebCT courses—networking (wireless), Project Management Fundamentals; Six Sigma certified.
Continuing Education – Always seeking opportunities to gain experience with new hardware, software applications, and emerging technologies; knowledge of Internet and connectivity; own PC w/Microsoft operating system (OS) and various productivity and utility software; other information technology resources support and operations.


Oscilloscope, Multimeters, Digital & Analog Analyzers, as well as other equipment useful in the field of electronics and telecommunications. Exposure to a variety of computer software and hardware (e.g. Emphasis on Microsoft software to include Windows95/2000/NT; Windows Explorer; Novell).


Aptitude for learning the mechanics of a position quickly, contributing a positive work attitude, and a desire for career advancement through continued education and training.

Employment: 07/2012 – Present Position: Field Engineer/Technician
Employer: Raytheon Contact: Personnel Department

RESPONSIBILITIES: Lead Certified Electromechanical Technician performed a wide variety of tasks in support of a manufacturing/production environment. Duties included; directing work, assigning and outlining tasks, training and checking for work correctness. Interface with Engineering, program management, internal and external customers. Assist in the next level upgrade /modification assembly, disassembly, re-assembly, repair and/or inspection of electronic, electrical, and mechanical systems, chassis and personal computer boards. Observes, analyzes and reports test data: and when appropriate made necessary repairs to equipment with minimal supervision. Set up and operate machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and/or grinders. Use of protective/Hazardous materials. Perform a wide variety of technical tasks in support of processes, engineering, quality control, calibration, production/test environment, and field operations. Test, troubleshoot, repair, maintain and install a wide variety of electronic, electromechanical and mechanical, computer, laboratory and/or equipment. Utilize various engineering and scientific drawings, manuals and other related documentation in the performance of tasks. Responsible for government and company property tracking and control. Take on other duties as assigned. Position required TDY/CONUS is located in Saudi Arabia. Technically qualified in an electronic and/or mechanical atmosphere. Knowledge and experience in the test and repair of major items, assemblies and subassemblies. Demonstrated ability to remove and replace failed assemblies and subassemblies. Use of cutting, grinding, soldering, welding equipment and metal repairs specializing in alloy metals. Experience in employee administrative support. Knowledge of static sensitive handling techniques. Experience in leadership positions. Superior time management and prioritization abilities. Credible and trustworthy with absolute integrity. Experience in soldering and wire wrap techniques (Mil-spec-ANSI-001) and in the repair of RF cables and power cables. Operation, maintenance, test and repair of the PATRIOT ECS, RS, CRG, AMG and LCHR Station, at the Organizational or Depot Maintenance (OM/DS) level. Knowledge of electronic theory and the ability to trace a problem through numerous circuits and systems. Able to read and follow schematics and flowcharts. BS level aptitude in electronic theory and application troubleshooting. Maintain and repair complex military equipment. Familiar in the use of various test and measurement equipment. Familiar with set up and operate machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and/or grinders. Familiar with coating surface of parts, assemblies and finished products with protective materials. Familiar with cable repair and wiring. Able to use a forklift (1-15 ton). Experience working on Patriot Major End Items and installing DAMWOs. Knowledge of static sensitive handling techniques. Strong Microsoft software skills and database knowledge. Familiar with set up and operation of military specific procedures. Knowledge of Patriot specific technical manuals, specific test equipment, and BITE.

Employment: 09/07 – 04/08 Position: Telecommunications Tech
Employer: Connections Technology Orange Beach, AL Contact: Mr. Mike Moore

RESPONSIBILITIES: Serving in a technical lead capacity, install various telecommunications distribution systems including voice, video, and data over a multitude of mediums I.E. fiber-optic, twisted-pair, coaxial as well as wireless architectures. Involved as primary liaison from head end, node (plant), to customer premise equipment. Extensive hands-on experience with all telecommunications mediums and architectures. Start-up projects, rebuilds, and revision up-grades were common challenges as well as trouble-shooting, repair and preventive maintenance.

Employment: 12/01 – 08/07 Position: Network Ops Tech – Fiber
Employer: Cox Communications, Fort Walton Bch, Fl. 32548 Contact: Mr. Lloyd Strahan

RESPONSIBILITIES: Install, maintain, test, and service telephony, high speed data, video and other equipment both within distribution facilities and throughout the distribution systems. Test, troubleshoot, rearrange, remove, repair, and maintain all types of distribution facilities and systems. Provide the efficient delivery and service of the product line to customer sites and educate customers to maintain customer satisfaction. Perform on-demand (e.g., forward/reverse outages) and preventative maintenance on distribution networks. Review type of service requested in work orders and assign appropriate resources. Determine work order based on prioritization. Determine location of underground distribution systems, identify the path and depth of the network cables at a site and repair damaged cables if necessary. Assist with the maintenance and repair of voice, data, telephony and video communication systems at remote stations and sites including customer’s premises. Test network cables for signal leakage at trouble sites and stop leakage by making necessary repairs. Respond to trouble calls regarding video, his, and telephony services. Act as primary coordinator among departments (including field services, dispatch, warehouse, customer care, CBS, engineering), vendors, customers and associated companies to correct alarm conditions. Operate, maintain, and store all company equipment according to company standards and safety guidelines (I.e. vehicle, tools, materials, and stock). Drive a company truck between warehouse and work sites. Participated in rotational on-call during non-work hours in case of emergency. Strive to improve technical skills as well as communication skills through continuing education by attending college courses and self-study technical training Improve and expand Working knowledge of Windows-based PCs. Using continued education and work Experience with electronic, electrical, RF, sonar, or fiber optic equipment. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of test equipment (Wavtec meters, CM-1000 meters, DSAM, TDR, various locating equipment, fiber splicing equipment). Demonstrate proficiency in troubleshooting with electrical equipment as well as Field service experience with cable, telecommunications, or electronic equipment. Continue to use and improve Skills in using small hand and power tools to perform required task. Maintain physical fitness, especially hand and finger dexterity to carry and use tools and equipment. Required to read road maps to navigate to job site as well as plant maps/blueprints, and schematics, complete documentation (i.e.; outage reports, leakage reports, etc.). Inspect, install, and repair materials and equipment. Ability to communicate in person and by telephone. Display the Ability to bend, stoop, and crawl in confined spaces at various heights. Utilize safety training techniques required to drive various types of motor vehicles. Endure Field exposure to one or more disagreeable or hazardous conditions 100% of work schedule. Demonstrate the Ability to lift up to 70+ pounds to lift, position, and carry ladders. Learn and perform stepped and unstopped pole climbing skills. Operate basic hand tools. Travel required for special situations (storms). Willingness to work flexible shifts. Provide professional and informative solutions to basic cable subscribers as to additional bundled offers and promotions such as digital video service and entertainment services including local and long-distance telephone, digital Telephone, high-speed Internet service, video on demand programming, digital video recorders, high-definition television and networking. Commercial voice and other services offered as the system warranty service.

Employment: 06/99 – 12/01 Position: Lead Technician / Svc Mgr

Employer: Alltel Communications – Fort Walton Beach, FL Contact: Personnel Department

RESPONSIBILITIES: Direct contact with general public while maintaining a professional relationship with customers and fellow employees; regular training sessions directed toward meeting individual customer needs with a personal approach and building customer service confidence through equipment knowledge which included allocation of loaner product and/or on-site equipment repair. Responsible for test and repair of communications equipment [e.g., transceivers, receivers, transmitters, and test equipment.]; installation and removal of mobile wireless communication equipment (e.g., auto, boats, trucks, 18-wheelers, emergency vehicles, etc.); set-up and maintenance of all facets of the service department including work load assignment and distribution, training of service personnel, electronic documentation maintenance, etc.; inventory and documentation maintenance (e.g., test equipment, manuals, parts, communications software and equipment, interfaces, calibration updates, etc.); technical product training; tracking and maintaining records related to replacement parts and equipment; manufacturer/vendor to customer relations to include product pertinent customer notifications; general of ice management to include building and generator maintenance procedures; part of emergency contact team responsible for contacting co-workers and customers regarding the condition of communications network in the event of natural disasters; liaison between communications network engineers, Alltel office, and customers.

Employment: 02/98 – 06/99 Position: Driver – “CLASS B” License

Employer: Environmental Waste Mgmt Svcs (EWS), Fort Walton Bch, FL Contact: Personnel Department

RESPONSIBILITIES: Perform duties relating to customer service/liaison between main office and customers. Marketing tasks, new staff training/orientation; daily vehicle preventive maintenance checks; pick-up and delivery of recycling bins, daily activity documentation.

Employment: 02/91 – 01/98 Position: Driver – “CLASS B” License
Employer: United Parcel Service (UPS), Fort Walton Beach, FL Contact: Atlanta Human Resources

RESPONSIBILITIES: Pick-up and delivery of packages (excess of $100,000 value per load); progress monitoring; tracking packages electronically utilizing the latest in cost code, receipt, billing, etc. Participated in union operations and meetings in support of fellow employees and employer; entrusted with cash drawer; documentation (mini-computer and light pen technology); utilized pager services for daily communication.

Employment: 1/89 – 01/91 Position: Electronics Tech /Branch Mgr

Employer: KMS Business Products, Mary Esther, FL Contact: Personnel Department

RESPONSIBILITIES: Installation and maintenance of various communication equipment ranging from medical dictation systems, telephone systems, VCRs/television related electronics, PCs, etc.; Hands-on experience in digital and analog service and repair. Customer public relations via marketing, sales/service, bill collection, contract negotiations, etc. Maintenance of branch daily operations. Specialized equipment repair included paging and 911 emergency equipment used by county & state fire and police.

Employment: 02/86 – 12/88 Position: Electronics Technician

Employer: Amstar-Keltec Florida, Inc., Fort Walton Beach, FL Contact: Personnel Department

RESPONSIBILITIES: Test and repair of various power supplies with output voltages ranging from 5-30,000 volts. Testing duties included electricals, environmental test & development, high and low voltage troubleshooting, before final sale and unacceptable (return) unit testing and technical documentation (product failure and/or success). Worked with expeditors in the correct completion of ECN’s, CAR’s, inventory logs for work completed and in progress, as well as other record keeping procedures. Quality presentation and promotion of finished product to buyers representing well known national companies (e.g., Raytheon, Hughes Aircraft, ITT Avionics). Assisted engineering department with product development. Worked as team member with other engineering technicians and engineers. Departmental collaboration was necessary to meet customer product acceptability standards Strived to meet three priorities in all work assigned, quality, quantity, and meeting of deadlines set by the Department of Defense.

Employment: 01/85 – 12/85 Position: Computer Technologist – Lead
Employer: American Family Insurance, Eden Prairie, MN Contact: Personnel Department

RESPONSIBILITIES: Direct customer field and bench technician. Repair and service maintenance of word processors, computers, circuit boards, dictation equipment, electronic (memory and non-memory) typewriters, various electric and manual typewriters, calculators (electronic and electric), Xerox products, etc. Carried out the installation of cable systems for transmission of computer communications (often to include designing plans for cable lay-out). Documentation of service calls and customer contact. Received hands-on specialized systems training (e.g., Lanier, Wang, IBM, AmTex).

Employment: 05/82 – 01/85 Position: Computer Technician
Employer: Wager’s Incorporated, St. Paul, MN Contact: Mr. Steve Bach

RESPONSIBILITIES: Repair and service of PCs, word processors, printers, memory typewriters, manual typewriters, computer circuit boards, as well as an assortment of computer and corresponding disc drives. Assignments included daily exposure to troubleshooting an assortment of microprocessor chips and other circuitry manufactured by various corporate leaders in the high tech market (e.g., IBM, CompuCorp, HP, etc.). Specialized training on the CompuCorp 600 and 700 series.

Continuing education (formal & informal learning)
CIS/IS/IT and Related Internet/Web Topics

Environment and Technology Studies

Outdoor enthusiast (e.g., scuba diving; boating (sail & motor); surfing; fishing; former triathlete; support fundraising).

PERSONAL REFERENCES: Available Upon Request

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