Security Jobs – CCTV, Burglar Alarm Technicians

cctv technician jobsThere are a plethora of jobs in the security industry, corporate, government, military, and private sector. This is not referring to jobs as an overnight security guard, but instead, to the realm of digital surveillance. Jobs in this field may range from CCTV camera monitoring to the interception and analysis of phone calls, emails, and/or text messages.

Security, in this method, is used to gather intel, protect people and/or property, and to prevent crime. Despite the images circulating in most people’s heads about these being methods used by covert government agencies, they have real potential in the day to day functions of business. Corporations which deal in product development will often have members of security whose primary function is to keep unpatented projects from leaking out to competitors.

There are two aspects of this field, one is the set up and maintenance of the surveillance equipment (see the articles on electricians and A/V Jobs), the other is knowing what to look for. Surveillance experts can reconstruct an incident by taking surveillance footage and other evidence in order to reconstruct the specifics of how an incident happened. This pertains to many incidences from slip and falls to theft.

Using their know-how of how incidences happen, a security expert will then recommend improvements to be made. These improvements can be in the surveillance system, the institution of key cards, biometrics, non-slip mats, and more. All improvements are designed to increase the safety of employees, guests, products, and the facility itself.

Employers will look for candidates with a background in security, digital surveillance, computer science, or a related field. Prospective employees will also need to pass a background check. The background check may include a check for felonies, misdemeanors, traffic violations (especially if the job requires driving), and credit history. It is also becoming more common for employers to check social media sites to get a feel for their prospective employers lifestyle.

Though there are pathways into this industry that do not require a degree, most employers prefer a degree. Even an Associate’s degree will give a candidate an edge for employment. Casino’s are large employers of security individuals. They hire security professionals to monitor the gaming floor and watch for cheaters or those trying to count cards or use other method’s to cheat the odds.

A lot of the work done by security surveillance professionals is behind the scenes, working in a control room. The surveillance expert must still have strong communication skills in order to communicate with supervisors and coworkers. They must be able to fix any minor glitches in the system and perform upgrades and updates to software. Shifts can be varied depending on the needs of a specific company and may include nights, weekends, overtime, and or holidays.

Those who work in this field are doing a service to not only the company they work for but the community as well. By preventing stolen merchandise and wasted time, they are keeping the costs down for a company which is then passed on to the consumers and merchants who are receivers of goods.